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In this paper we describe efficient algorithms for different variants of this prob In this paper we describe efficient algorithms for different variants We also provide two algorithms that solve this problem in external memory, that is when the input raster is larger than the main memory. For this variant we describe an algorithm that runs in U logN time in internal memory, where U is the size of the output.

We show how this algorithm can be adapted to perform efficiently in the external memory using O sort U data transfers from the disk. We have also implemented two of the presented algorithms Periodically in the analysis of engineering data, it becomes necessary to use graphical output as the solitary source of accurate numerical data for use in subsequent calculations.

The original numerical results of extensive computer calculations performed at the time of the actual PSE tests and required for the later extended analysis program had not been retained as archival records. We were, therefore, required to recover the previously calculated data, either by a complete recalculation or from available computer graphics records.

Time constraints suggested recovery from the graphics records as the more viable approach. This report describes two different approaches to recovery of digital data from graphics records. One, combining hard and software techniques immediately available to us at LLL, proved to be inadequate for our purposes. The other approach required the development of pure software techniques that interfaced with LLL computer graphics to unpack digital coordinate information directly from graphics files.

As a result of this effort, we were able to recover the required data with no significant loss in the accuracy of the original calculations.

A bedstead air-core raster magnet is being installed now, it will be used at CEBAF to scan the beam on the Hall C polarized target and the beam dump with fixed frequency 60 Hz in horizontal, Both of them provide an approximate sine current waveform with peak current 20 A, corresponding to a maximum deflection angle 1 mr. Animated GIFs as vernacular graphic design. One example of such multimodal digital content is the graphic format called the animated GIF graphics interchange format. This article focuses on content Online television audiences create a variety of digital content on the internet.

Fans of television production design produce and share such content to express themselves and engage with the objects of their interest. These digital expressions, which exist in the form of graphics , text, videos She specifically focuses on the transmedia television production entitled Lost and analyzes the design of animated GIFs The U. REPTool is designed to introduce concepts of error and uncertainty in geospatial data and modeling and provide users of ArcGIS Desktop a geoprocessing tool and methodology to consider how error affects geospatial model output.

REPTool consists of public-domain, Python-based packages that implement Latin Hypercube Sampling within a probabilistic framework to track error propagation in geospatial models and quantitatively estimate the uncertainty of the model output.

Users may specify error for each input raster or model coefficient represented in the geospatial model. The error for the input rasters may be specified as either spatially invariant or spatially variable across the spatial domain. Users may specify model output as a distribution of uncertainty for each raster cell. REPTool uses the Relative Variance Contribution method to quantify the relative error contribution from the two primary components in the geospatial model – errors in the model input data and coefficients of the model variables.

REPTool is appropriate for many types of geospatial processing operations, modeling applications, and related research questions, including applications that consider spatially invariant or spatially variable error in geospatial data.

In the past several years there has been an enormous increase in the number of computer-assisted instructional CAI applications. Many medical educators and physicians have recognized the power and utility of hypertext. Some developers have incorporated simple diagrams, scanned monochrome graphics or still frame photographs from a laser disc or CD-ROM into their hypertext applications.

These technologies have greatly increased the role of the microcomputer in education and training. There still remain numerous applications for these tools which are yet to be explored.

One of these exciting areas involves the use of three-dimensional computer graphics. An all digital platform increases application portability. Digital models for architectonical representation. Full Text Available Digital instruments and technologies enrich architectonical representation and communication opportunities. Computer graphics is organized according the two phases of visualization and construction, that is modeling and rendering, structuring dichotomy of software technologies.

The difference between interactive and not interactive applications is connected to the possibilities offered by informatics instruments, and relates to modeling and rendering. All these correlated different models constitute the architectonical interpretative model, that is a simulation of reality made by the model for improving the knowledge. In the case of the species layer, the percentages of species composition were removed. This reduced the amount of information contained in the species layer of the gridded product, but it was necessary in order to make the gridded product easier to use.

The data are stored in binary, image format files and they are available from Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Robust watermarking on copyright protection of digital originals. The issues about the difference between digital vector originals and raster originals were discussed. A new algorithm based on displacing vertices to realize the embedding and extracting of digital watermarking in vector data was proposed after that. The results showed that the watermark produced by the method is resistant against translation, scaling, rotation, additive random noise; it is also resistant, to some extent, against cropping.

This paper also modified the DCT raster image watermarking algorithm, using a bitmap image as watermark embedded into target images, instead of some meaningless serial numbers or simple symbols. The embedding and extraction part of these two digital watermark systems achieved with software.

Experiments proved that both algorithms are not only imperceptible, but also have strong resistance against the common attracts, which can prove the copyright more effectively. Technical Report on Raster field test at a Water Board. We developed the Raster method to enable organisations to assess their telecommunication service unavailability risks. To validate Raster in practice we conducted. Full Text Available This paper summarizes the general requirements and specific characteristics of both geospatial raster database management system and raster data processing platform from a domain-specific perspective as well as from a computing point of view.

It also discusses the need of tight integration between the database system and the processing system. These requirements resulted in Oracle Spatial Geo Raster , a global scale and high performance earth imagery and raster data management and processing platform. The rationale, design, implementation, and benefits of Oracle Spatial Geo Raster are described. Basically, as a database management system, Geo Raster defines an integrated raster data model, supports image compression, data manipulation, general and spatial indices, content and context based queries and updates, versioning, concurrency, security, replication, standby, backup and recovery, multitenancy, and ETL.

It provides high scalability using computer and storage clustering. As a raster data processing platform, Geo Raster provides basic operations, image processing, raster analytics, and data distribution featuring high performance computing HPC. Specifically, HPC features include locality computing, concurrent processing, parallel processing, and in-memory computing.

In addition, the APIs and the plug-in architecture are discussed. This paper summarizes the general requirements and specific characteristics of both geospatial raster database management system and raster data processing platform from a domain-specific perspective as well as from a computing point of view. CT applications of medical computer graphics. Few applications of computer graphics show as much promise and early success as that for CT. Unlike electron microscopy, ultrasound, business, military, and animation applications, CT image data are inherently digital.

CT pictures can be processed directly by programs well established in the fields of computer graphics and digital image processing. Methods for reformatting digital pictures, enhancing structure shape, reducing image noise, and rendering three-dimensional 3D scenes of anatomic structures have all become routine at many CT centers.

In this chapter, the authors provide a brief introduction to computer graphics terms and techniques commonly applied to CT pictures and, when appropriate, to those showing promise for magnetic resonance images.

Topics discussed here are image-processing options that are applied to digital images already constructed. In the final portion of this chapter techniques for »slicing» CT image data are presented, and geometric principles that describe the specification of oblique and curved images are outlined.

Clinical examples are included. Single-photon compressive imaging with some performance benefits over raster scanning. A single-photon imaging system based on compressed sensing has been developed to image objects under ultra-low illumination.

With this system, we have successfully realized imaging at the single-photon level with a single-pixel avalanche photodiode without point-by-point raster scanning. From analysis of the signal-to-noise ratio in the measurement we find that our system has much higher sensitivity than conventional ones based on point-by-point raster scanning, while the measurement time is also reduced. Visual neuroscience experiments and Brain-Computer Interface BCI control often require strict timings in a millisecond scale.

As most experiments are performed using a personal computer PC , the latencies that are introduced by the setup should be taken into account and be corrected.

As a standard computer monitor uses a rastering to update each line of the image sequentially, this causes a monitor raster latency which depends on the position, on the monitor and the refresh rate. We technically measured the raster latencies of different monitors and present the effects on visual evoked potentials VEPs and event-related potentials ERPs.

Additionally we present a method for correcting the monitor raster latency and analyzed the performance difference of a code-modulated VEP BCI speller by correcting the latency. Furthermore, correcting the raster latency resulted in a significant reduction of the target prediction error from 7. The monitor raster latency affects the timings of VEPs and ERPs, and correcting resulted in a significant error reduction of It is recommend to correct the raster latency for an increased BCI performance and methodical correctness.

All rights reserved. Rasdaman for Big Spatial Raster Data. Spatial raster data have grown exponentially over the past decade. Recent advancements on data acquisition technology, such as remote sensing, have allowed us to collect massive observation data of various spatial resolution and domain coverage. The volume, velocity, and variety of such spatial data, along with the computational intensive nature of spatial queries, pose grand challenge to the storage technologies for effective big data management.

While high performance computing platforms e. Recently, rasdaman raster data manager has emerged as a scalable and cost-effective database solution to store and retrieve massive multi-dimensional arrays, such as sensor, image, and statistics data.

Within this paper, the pros and cons of using rasdaman to manage and query spatial raster data will be examined and compared with other common approaches, including file-based systems, relational databases e.

Lessons learnt from using rasdaman will be discussed as well. Height drift correction in non- raster atomic force microscopy. Meyer, Travis R. We propose a novel method to detect and correct drift in non- raster scanning probe microscopy. In conventional raster scanning drift is usually corrected by subtracting a fitted polynomial from each scan line, but sample tilt or large topographic features can result in severe artifacts.

Our method uses self-intersecting scan paths to distinguish drift from topographic features. Observing the height differences when passing the same position at different times enables the reconstruction of a continuous function of drift. We show that a small number of self-intersections is adequate for automatic and reliable drift correction.

Additionally, we introduce a fitness function which provides a quantitative measure of drift correctability for any arbitrary scan shape. Helping graphic designers expand their 2D skills into the 3D space The trend in graphic design is towards 3D, with the demand for motion graphics , animation, photorealism, and interactivity rapidly increasing.

And with the meteoric rise of iPads, smartphones, and other interactive devices, the design landscape is changing faster than ever. Readers get hands-on basic training in working in the 3D space, including product design, industrial design and visualization, modeling, ani. Fishing Revenue-Intensity Raster Database, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce — These revenue-intensity rasters were built as part of an effort to improve upon the spatial precision of self-reported Vessel Trip Report VTR fishing locations Special raster scanning for reduction of charging effects in scanning electron microscopy.

Both a conventional fast scan horizontal direction and an unusual scan vertical direction are adopted for acquiring raw data consisting of many sub-images. These data are converted to a proper SEM image using digital image processing techniques. About sharpness of the image and reduction of charging effects, the SRS is compared with the conventional fast scan with frame-averaging and the conventional slow scan.

Experimental results show the effectiveness of SRS images. By a successful combination of the proposed scanning method and low accelerating voltage LV -SEMs, it is expected that higher-quality SEM images can be more easily acquired by the considerable reduction of charging effects, while maintaining the resolution.

The algorithm of the model implements the line thinning and the simple neighborhood methods to perform vectorization. The model allows users to define specified criteria which are crucial for acquiring the vectorization process.

In this model, various raster images can be vectorized such as township plans, maps, architectural drawings, and machine plans.

The algorithm of the model was developed by implementing an appropriate computer programming and tested on a basic application. Results, verified by using two well known vectorization programs WinTopo and Scan2CAD, indicated that the model can successfully vectorize the specified raster data quickly and accurately.

The topography where A. A Laboratory Application of Microcomputer Graphics. The computer interfaces to a stopped-flow spectrophotometer replacing a storage oscilloscope and polaroid camera. Applications of this system are discussed, indicating that graphics and analog-to- digital boards have transformed the computer into…. Computer Graphics Instruction in VizClass.

Three digital whiteboards and a three-dimensional stereoscopic display provide complementary display surfaces. Input devices include touchscreens on the digital whiteboards, remote….

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources — Raster -based land cover data set derived from 30 meter resolution Thematic Mapper satellite imagery. Classification is divided into 16 classes with source imagery Department of Transportation — These graphics are designed to increase safety and aid pilots in gaining situational awareness within existing and redesigned Class B areas.

The graphic provides an Timothy G. Wade; James D. Wickham; Maliha S. Nash; Anne C. Neale; Kurt H. Riitters; K. Bruce Jones. AbstractGIS-based measurements that combine native raster and native vector data are commonly used in environmental assessments. Most of these measurements can be calculated using either raster or vector data formats and processing methods. Raster processes are more commonly used because they can be significantly faster computationally The data were converted from vector into raster.

Development of a raster electronics system for expanding the APT proton beam. Chapelle, S. A beam expansion system is required to uniformly irradiate a 19 x cm tritium production target. This paper describes a beam expansion system consisting of eight ferrite dipole magnets to raster the beam in the x- and y-planes and also describes the salient features of the design of the electronics that are unique to the expander. Fault detection circuitry shuts down the beam before the target can be damaged by a failure of the raster system.

Test data are presented for the prototype system. Among the Lyndon B. Attached to the resource node, the cupola is a windowed structure that will serve as the space station’s secondary control center. From the cupola, operations involving the mobile service center and orbital maneuvering vehicle will be conducted. The Systems Engineering Simulator SES , located in building 16, activated a real-time man-in-the-loop cupola simulator in November The SES cupola is an engineering tool with the flexibility to evolve in both hardware and software as the final cupola design matures.

Two workstations are simulated with closed-circuit television monitors, rotational and translational hand controllers, programmable display pushbuttons, and graphics display with trackball and keyboard. BHI Therapeutic Sciences is pioneering ethical, effective, safe and affordable stem cell treatment therapies utilizing cord blood stem cells those that are harvesting from an umbilical cord in the case of a C-Section, bringing no injury or risk to mother or baby.

Stem cells are a special kind of cell that can be used to regenerate the human body without drugs or surgery, treating the leading diseases and injuries shortening our life spans and causing millions of people to live in chronic pain.

And Bye. We traveled through the city of Port-au-Prince on our way to our first destination, an orphanage run by the Missionaries of Charity in a poor rundown part of the city. Our foray into the city reminded me of scenes from a war movie: broken, buckled and upheaved roads; toppled buildings, walls and ceilings collapsed; piles of garbage along the roads, burning, contributing to the heavy smoke in the air, or with pigs, goats, or feral dogs scrounging in them for scraps to eat.

The poor and homeless seemed to be everywhere, displaced and living in tent encampments in the parks and open spaces all over the city. There were entire encampments made of tarps, sheet metal, or wood, anything that could be scrounged to build a makeshift shelter; many huge camps surrounded by fences, totally enclosed and the entrances patrolled by U.

And with every corner and turn in the road, gasps of disbelief were elicited by me and my fellow passengers. It had become all too obvious why we were travelling in a four wheel drive vehicle; the conditions of the roads made it nearly impossible for an ordinary car to circumvent the endless potholes and broken pavement.

The Sisters who lived here care for countless children orphaned by the earthquake, and those whose families were too poor to feed or care for their children. The children ranged from very young babies to young teens, but mostly babies and young pre-schoolers, most of them mal-nourished and undersized.

They also ran a school for younger children through sixth grade, providing them with a free education, free uniforms, and a daily meal. Here, we would spend the first half of our trip, helping the Sisters care for the babies in the orphanage, working with the Sisters at their wound clinic, helping out at various food distributions, or serving the poor infected with TB or AIDS at a home for the dying run by the Sisters.

Whether it was the children, the people in the food distributions, the sick, or the dying, they all had two things in common: their stoic faith and reliance on God; and their unending gratitude for the service we gave them.

I was even more impressed by these people when I attended mass while serving in Port-au-Prince. The Sisters who lived here care for countless children orphaned by the earthquake, and those whose families were too poor to feed or care for their children. The children ranged from very young babies to young teens, but mostly babies and young pre-schoolers, most of them mal-nourished and undersized.

They also ran a school for younger children through sixth grade, providing them with a free education, free uniforms, and a daily meal. Here, we would spend the first half of our trip, helping the Sisters care for the babies in the orphanage, working with the Sisters at their wound clinic, helping out at various food distributions, or serving the poor infected with TB or AIDS at a home for the dying run by the Sisters.

Whether it was the children, the people in the food distributions, the sick, or the dying, they all had two things in common: their stoic faith and reliance on God; and their unending gratitude for the service we gave them.

I was even more impressed by these people when I attended mass while serving in Port-au-Prince. The first Mass I attended was in an open-air makeshift church where the original church had been destroyed by the earthquake. The church was filled with people, dressed in the best clothes they owned, singing loudly, praying fervently, and giving alms, each and every one, no matter how poor they were.

The second Mass was an annual pilgrimage by many people, probably as many as 20,, who came to attend a Mass concelebrated by the archbishop of Haiti and seventeen other priests.

Many of these people had walked for 2 or 3 days to attend this Mass. The people filled a park and pressed as close as possible to have a glimpse of the service, standing in the heat for over two hours, and waiting in endless lines when it was time to receive communion. Even with so many priests serving, it took half an hour to distribute communion. The characteristic edge over-burn effects, which render vector mode laser direct part marking inadequate for producing precise and readable miniature codes, are minimized with raster mode laser marking.

To obtain the control mechanism for the contrast and print growth of miniature DM code by raster laser marking process, the temperature field model of long pulse laser interaction with material is established. From the experimental results, laser average power and Q frequency have an important effect on the contrast and print growth of miniature DM code, and the threshold of laser average power and Q frequency for an identifiable miniature DM code are respectively 3.

In addition, the empirical model of correlation occurring between laser marking parameters and module size is also obtained, and the optimal processing parameter values for an identifiable miniature DM code of different but certain data size are given. It is also found that an increase of the repeat scanning number effectively improves the surface finish of bore, the appearance consistency of modules, which has benefit to reading.

The reading quality of miniature DM code is greatly improved using ultrasonic cleaning in water by avoiding the interference of color speckles surrounding modules. Geometrical E-beam proximity correction for raster scan systems. High pattern fidelity is a basic requirement for the generation of masks containing sub micro structures and for direct writing. Increasing needs mainly emerging from OPC at mask level and x-ray lithography require a correction of the e-beam proximity effect.

The most part of e-beam writers are raster scan system. This paper describes a new method for geometrical pattern correction in order to provide a correction solution for e-beam system that are not able to apply variable doses. Full Text Available At present, there are many problems in the storage and management of multi-source heterogeneous spatial data, such as the difficulty of transferring, the lack of unified storage and the low efficiency.

By combining relational database and spatial data engine technology, an approach for integrated storage and management of vector and raster data is proposed on the basis of Oracle in this paper. This approach establishes an integrated storage model on vector and raster data and optimizes the retrieval mechanism at first, then designs a framework for the seamless data transfer, finally realizes the unified storage and efficient management of multi-source heterogeneous data. By comparing experimental results with the international leading similar software ArcSDE, it is proved that the proposed approach has higher data transfer performance and better query retrieval efficiency.

Full Text Available Vision is one of the main sources through which people obtain information from the world, but unfortunately, visually-impaired people are partially or completely deprived of this type of information.

With the help of computer technologies, people with visual impairment can independently access digital textual information by using text-to-speech and text-to-Braille software. However, in general, there still exists a major barrier for people who are blind to access the graphical information independently in real-time without the help of sighted people. In this paper, we propose a novel multi-level and multi-modal approach aiming at addressing this challenging and practical problem, with the key idea being semantic-aware visual-to-tactile conversion through semantic image categorization and segmentation, and semantic-driven image simplification.

An end-to-end prototype system was built based on the approach. We present the details of the approach and the system, report sample experimental results with realistic data, and compare our approach with current typical practice. Full Text Available Big geospatial raster data pose a grand challenge to data management technologies for effective big data query and processing.

To address these challenges, various big data container solutions have been developed or enhanced to facilitate data storage, retrieval, and analysis.

Data containers were also developed or enhanced to handle geospatial data. However, there are few studies to systematically compare and evaluate the features and performances of these popular data containers. This paper provides a comprehensive evaluation of six popular data containers i. Their architectures, technologies, capabilities, and performance are compared and evaluated from two perspectives: a system design and architecture distributed architecture, logical data model, physical data model, and data operations; and b practical use experience and performance data preprocessing, data uploading, query speed, and resource consumption.

Multimedia foundations core concepts for digital design. Understand the core concepts and skills of multimedia production and digital storytelling using text, graphics , photographs, sound, motion, and video. Then, put it all together using the skills that you have developed for effective project planning, collaboration, visual communication, and graphic design. Presented in full color with hundreds of vibrant illustrations, Multimedia Foundations trains you in the principles and skill sets common to all forms of digital media production, enabling you to create successful, engaging content, no matter what tools you are using.

Companion website. This thesis presents a qualitative inquiry into how the graphic design process is being reconfigured within the new digital media landscape. The literature review looks at the historical relationship between graphic design and technology from the invention of the printing press to the personal computer and reviews how this relationship is again affected by the emergence of the computer as a medium for communication.

The products of digital design are no longer static and fixed but are dynamic Mesh-to- raster region-of-interest-based nonrigid registration of multimodal images. Region of interest RoI alignment in medical images plays a crucial role in diagnostics, procedure planning, treatment, and follow-up. Frequently, a model is represented as triangulated mesh while the patient data is provided from computed axial tomography scanners as pixel or voxel data. Previously, we presented a 2-D method for curve-to-pixel registration.

This paper contributes i a general mesh-to- raster framework to register RoIs in multimodal images; ii a 3-D surface-to-voxel application, and iii a comprehensive quantitative evaluation in 2-D using ground truth GT provided by the simultaneous truth and performance level estimation STAPLE method.

The registration is formulated as a minimization problem, where the objective consists of a data term, which involves the signed distance function of the RoI from the reference image and a higher order elastic regularizer for the deformation.

The evaluation is based on quantitative light-induced fluoroscopy QLF and digital photography DP of decalcified teeth. STAPLE is computed on image pairs from 32 subjects, each showing one corresponding tooth in both modalities.

The RoI in each image is manually marked by three experts curves in total. In the QLF-DP setting, our approach significantly outperforms the mutual information-based registration algorithm implemented with the Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit and Elastix. The effect of choosing three different C factor formulae derived from NDVI on a fully raster -based erosion modelling. Methods applied was by analysing all factors affecting erosion such that all data were in the form of raster.

Monthly R factor was evaluated based on formula developed by Abdurachman. K factor was determined using modified formula used by Ministry of Forestry based on soil samples taken in the field. LS factor was derived from Digital Elevation Model. Another analysis was the creation of map of Bulk Density used to convert erosion unit.

To know the model accuracy, model validation was done by applying statistical analysis and by comparing Emodel with Eactual. The results of analysis of variance showed that there was significantly difference between Emodel and Eactual when using C factor formula developed by Suriyaprasit and Sulistyo non-linear.

Among the three formulae, only Emodel using C factor formula developed by Sulistyo linear reached the accuracy of Paradoxes of Innovation in French Digital Comics. This obsession with everything new implies a specific link to the past. Anything which breaks with prior methods or forms of graphic creation becomes innovative. However, the formal evolution of French digital comics does not match with this linear pattern of innovation. This paper presents an analysis of the idea of innovation in relation to the long-term history of French digital comics creation.

Whilst the technical means of graphic creation have improved since the s, does that necessarily mean that the form and aesthetics of digital comics have evolved simultaneously? What is the role played by traditional printed comics in the aesthetic evolution of digital comics?

Starting with the s, it is not the potentiality but the reality of technological innovation that we will try to understand through time. Printing– Graphic Arts– Graphic Communications. Recently, » graphic arts» has shifted from printing skills to a conceptual approach of production processes.

The author…. All libraries are accessed through Python, providing a common interface on which to build processing chains. Three examples are presented, to demonstrate the capabilities of the system: 1 classification of mangrove extent and change in French Guiana; 2 a generic scheme for the classification of the UN-FAO land cover classification system LCCS and their subsequent translation to habitat categories; and 3 a national-scale segmentation for Australia.

The system presented provides similar functionality to existing GEOBIA packages, but is more flexible, due to its modular environment, capable of handling complex classification processes and applying them to larger datasets.

Capabilities and diagnostics of the Sandia Pelletron- raster system. This rastered beam option has been studied in detail. Beam characteristics have been determined as a function of incident electron beam energy, current, and deflection system parameters. The beam diagnostics required to define any given diffuse beam pattern are accurate and predictable. Recently, utility of this added PELLETRON capability was demonstrated by simulating the effects of complex nuclear reactor accident electron environments on electrical insulation materials similar to those used in nuclear power plants.

XA graphic interface in the OS-9 real-time environment. X11 is a graphic window manager developed as a joint project of the Masschusetts Institute of Technology and Digital Equipment Corporation. Microware’s OS-9 is a real-time operating system widely used inside the physics community. The marriage between OS-9 and X11 should be seen as an attempt to stabilize a wise, open and accepted platform in the physics world to do real-time programming as well as line graphic output.

FTCRP: file format for the device-independent transfer of colored raster pictures. Research institutes, industrial companies, computer animation studios and printing facilities are often equipped with a lot of different machines for the rendering and display of raster pictures.

The output devices monitors, recording devices, printers differ in their geometric and color resolution, in the picture format, and in the chromaticity of the color primaries. There is a need to transfer pictures via local networks LAN from one device to another at studios and laboratories without having to compromise for the quality of the pictures.

And there is a need to transfer pictures via tape, floppy or networks WAN from one institute to another, or from an institute to the publisher, and so forth. For these purposes, a special format for the transfer of raster pictures has been developed which is independent of differences in pixel resolution, color resolution, color primaries, number of colors per device, and scan direction. For its use in the networks and on tapes, the file format has to initially have a character encoding to prevent any collision of pixel or image data with control sequences of terminal servers, network controllers, and other hardware devices.

Binary encodings are still to be developed; the format is open for different data compressions and other data encodings according to different application profiles. Several insights were gained in the imple-mentation of FTCRP driver programs and in the acceptance of the new format. Here, we present the conception of Version 1 of FTCRP, which is an extension and an enhancement of the former version.

Therefore we concentrate on conceptual considerations. This paper is intended to encourage further discussion and refinements. Gold removal rate by ion sputtering as a function of ion-beam voltage and raster size using Auger electron spectroscopy.

Final report. Gold removal rate was measured as a function of ion beam voltage and raster size using Auger electron spectroscopy AES.

Three different gold thicknesses were developed as standards. Two sputter rate calibration curves were generated by which gold sputter rate could be determined for variations in ion beam voltage or raster size.

Individual variation in children’s reading comprehension across digital text types. The present study examined children’s digital text comprehension of digital text types linear digital text vs hypertext, with or without graphical navigable overviews.

We investigated to what extent individual variation in children’s comprehension could be explained by lexical quality word reading. The wildland-urban interface raster dataset of Catalonia. The map encompasses an area of some 3. Individual housing location, structure density and vegetation cover data were used to spatially assess in detail the interface, intermix and dispersed rural WUI communities with a geographical information system.

Most WUI areas concentrate in the coastal belt where suburban sprawl has occurred nearby or within unmanaged forests. This geospatial information data provides an approximation of residential housing potential for loss given a wildfire, and represents a valuable contribution to assist landscape and urban planning in the region. Recent studies show the sinusoidal projection to be a superior planar projection for representing global raster datasets. This study uses the sinusoidal projection as a basis for evaluating pixel loss and replication in eight other planar map projections.

The percent of pixels Curve Digitizer — A software for multiple curves digitizing. Full Text Available The Curve Digitizer is software that extracts data from an image file representing a graphicand returns them as pairs of numbers which can then be used for further analysis and applications.

Numbers can be read on a computer screen stored in files or copied on paper. Curve Digitizer provides a useful toolfor any researcher or engineer interested in quantifying the data displayed graphically. The image filecan be obtained by scanning a document. Full Text Available Cadastral projects in Turkey have been accelerated in recent years by the involvement of the private sector. In this context, three dimensional cadastre data can be properly produced, especially in digital cadastre projects with the required point accuracy.

The cadastre bases that have been produced so far by different methods with different scales and bases, with or without coordinates, should also be converted into digital form based on National Basic GPS Network of Turkey NBGN in required point-location accuracy. As the result of evaluation of graphical cadastre bases produced without coordinates, actual land measurements, and information obtained from sheets and field book data together, it was found out that there are significant base problems in the graphical maps.

Choi, Sunghoon, E-mail: choi. It produces 3D volumetric data, although there are artifacts due to incomplete sampling. For image reconstruction, users select between analytic and iterative reconstruction methods. Total elapsed times for producing 3D volume were 2. The times required for reconstruction were clinically feasible. Moreover, the total radiation dose from our system 5. This book is composed of five parts. The second part is about direction of digital logic circuit design with training kit.

Sub-pixel analysis to support graphic security after scanning at low resolution. Whether in the domain of audio, video or finance, our world tends to become increasingly digital.

However, for diverse reasons, the transition from analog to digital is often much extended in time, and proceeds by long steps and sometimes never completes. One such step is the conversion of information on analog media to digital information. We focus in this paper on the conversion scanning of printed documents to digital images.

Analog media have the advantage over digital channels that they can harbor much imperceptible information that can be used for fraud detection and forensic purposes.

But this secondary information usually fails to be retrieved during the conversion step. This is particularly relevant since the Check act Check Clearing for the 21st Century act became effective in and allows images of checks to be handled by banks as usual paper checks. We use here this situation of check scanning as our primary benchmark for graphic security features after scanning. We will first present a quick review of the most common graphic security features currently found on checks, with their specific purpose, qualities and disadvantages, and we demonstrate their poor survivability after scanning in the average scanning conditions expected from the Check Act.

We will then present a novel method of measurement of distances between and rotations of line elements in a scanned image: Based on an appropriate print model, we refine direct measurements to an accuracy beyond the size of a scanning pixel, so we can then determine expected distances, periodicity, sharpness and print quality of known characters, symbols and other graphic elements in a document image. Finally we will apply our method to fraud detection of documents after gray-scale scanning at dpi resolution.

We show in particular that alterations on legitimate checks or copies of checks can be successfully detected by measuring with sub-pixel accuracy the irregularities inherently introduced. Nuclear plant operations, maintenance, and configuration management using three-dimensional computer graphics and databases.

Stone and Webster Engineering Corporation has developed the Plant Digital Model concept as a new approach to Configuration Mnagement of nuclear power plants. The Plant Digital Model development is a step-by-step process, based on existing manual procedures and computer applications, and is fully controllable by the plant managers and engineers.

The Plant Digital Model is based on IBM computer graphics and relational database management systems, and therefore can be easily integrated with existing plant databases and corporate management-information systems. Raster microdiffraction with synchrotron radiation of hydrated biopolymers with nanometre step-resolution: case study of starch granules. Riekel, C. Radiation damage propagation was examined in starch granules by synchrotron radiation micro- and nano-diffraction techniques from cryo- to room temperatures.

Careful dose limitation allowed raster -diffraction experiments with nm step resolution to be performed. X-ray radiation damage propagation is explored for hydrated starch granules in order to reduce the step resolution in raster -microdiffraction experiments to the nanometre range. Radiation damage was induced by synchrotron radiation microbeams of 5, 1 and 0. The temperature dependence of radiation damage suggests that primary radiation damage prevails up to about K while secondary radiation damage becomes effective at higher temperatures.

Primary radiation damage remains confined to the beam track at K. Propagation of radiation damage beyond the beam track at room temperature is assumed to be due to reactive species generated principally by water radiolysis induced by photoelectrons. By careful dose selection during data collection, raster scans with nm step-resolution could be performed for granules immersed in water.

One of the most important steps in solid waste management is the selection of an appropriate landfill site. The site selection process requires the evaluation and analysis of several criteria. However, the traditional evaluation method is not sufficient for the site selection process.

Geographical information system GIS technologies are effectively used in the process of site selection, which is a spatial problem. This method utilizes a raster -based spatial database in which the factors affect the landfill site selection.


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